LS InnA-May

Born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands.

On her 7th birthday she got two records of Jean Michel Jarre, “Equinox” and “Oxygene”, and her lifelong love for electronic/synthesiser music was born. (Driving her family insane by playing those records every day, for years on end)
After a very short stint at a small radio station in Leiden, LS found her way to NRG 106.3 in 1996. There, she was 1 of the (founding) members of the “Het Begin Van Je Weekend Show”, causing mischief and mayhem, did some news reading and voice-over work. She soon realised that she really enjoys talking into a microphone, occasionally harassing the poor staff at fast food restaurants so that she could order her food herself.

LS moved on to work at several other radio stations, like Veronica FM, Noordzee FM, 10 FM as a presenter, and, temporarily, as a “celebrity interviewer” for Edwin Evers, at 3FM.

But never forgetting the good times she had at NRG 106.3. Currently, she’s dividing her time between being an artist, and a DJ at Radio 972, secretly favouring the last one.
“It’s good to be back, bouncing across the airwaves and talking into a microphone”.

Besides her love for synthesiser music, house and techno, she loves her trips down memory lane, especifically the funk, soul, disco and italo music she plays every Sunday night between 7pm and 8pm, Classic Traxx

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